We offer our services to any industrial company wishing to boost its performance and conduct its business in an even smarter, modern, flexible and agile way.
The entire SPX team is at your disposal for quality support and tailored ERP solutions.


With an experienced team of Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions, we assist you with expert advice adapted to your particular requirements. At all stages of your activity, we are able to intervene for the proposition of solutions with high value-added.

Whether you want to reduce your expenses, better control your stock, manage your resources more completely, increase your profitability, have more clarity on your customers and your opportunities ... we are able to guide you to the perfect enterprise-wide solution.


Committed to optimizing the performance of your activity, we provide vertical solutions that meet the needs of industrial sector actors. We strive to boost your business process while focusing on the various components of your Information System.

In fact, we are working on enhancing the sales and marketing operations, the efficiency of financial management, the modernization of the supply chain, the reduction of costs, the optimization of resources and many other axes in order to optimize the performance of your business.

The evolution of your business at all levels starts with the choice of SPX solutions.


SPX solutions integrate securely and reliably into your Information System, enabling you to benefit from improved automation of your business process.

Based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite, our solutions offer great management flexibility to ensure the sustainable execution of your business operations. We offer professional solutions being multi-company, multi-language and multi-site.

The solutions are also fully compatible with each other and with the Microsoft Office suite as they provide cross-functional features such as data import/export.


Our commitment to improve the performance of your company is revealed in the verticalization policy to which we are committed in our editing process.

Indeed, the entire SPX edition center team is mobilized to meet your specific business needs via well-adapted Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications.

We are committed to delivering intelligent, modern and adaptable solutions, always in compliance with Microsoft standards and CfMD (Certified for Microsoft Dyanmics) certification requirements.